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The World Tourism Network and its board wish to inform the world that WTN stands with national tourism boards in helping to make travel accessible to all.

WTN emphasizes that the travel and tourism industry must work together to create a safe travel product.

The WTN emphasizes the need to use proper recommended medical precautions such as being vaccinated, wearing proper masks, and being attentive to the newest medical updates.

The WTN wishes to state that travel is a human right and after almost two full years of hibernation it is time for the industry to work together to resume travel and tourism and for the world to unite as one in creating safe and secure travel.

The WTN is calling on all governments and the United Nations to secure global access to vaccination, and tests. This world is only safe if everyone is safe.

The WTN is calling on governments to separate travel advisories in regards to COVID from other issues.

The WTN is calling on all governments and stakeholders to unify COVID safety requirements for travel, regardless of international, regional, or domestic access.

The WTN is calling on all governments to streamline requirements based on an established scale for access to hotels, restaurants, meeting venues, and others.

The WTN is calling on all governments to streamline proof of vaccination and tests on a global basis.

The WTN is always ready to help nations and businesses find ways so that tourism will be able to lead the way toward economic recovery and a brighter future.

World Tourism Network is the long-overdue voice of small and medium-size travel and tourism businesses around the world. By uniting our efforts, we bring to the forefront the needs and aspirations of small and medium-sized businesses and their Stakeholders.

By bringing together private and public sector members on regional and global platforms, WTN not only advocates for its members but provides them a voice at the major tourism meetings. WTN provides opportunities and essential networking for its members in more than 120 countries.

By working with stakeholders and with tourism and government leaders, WTN seeks to create innovative approaches for inclusive and sustainable tourism sector growth and assist small and medium travel and tourism businesses during both good and challenging times.

It is WTN’s goal to provide its members with a strong local voice while at the same time providing them with a global platform.

WTN provides a valuable political and business voice for small and medium-sized businesses and offers training, consulting, and educational opportunities.

Our “Rebuilding Travel”  initiative is a conversation, an exchange of ideas, and a showcase for the best practices by our members in more than 120 countries.

Our “Tourism Hero” Award recognizes those who go the extra mile serving the travel and tourism community but often get overlooked.

Our “Safer Tourism Seal” gives our stakeholders and destinations a platform to express their willingness to reopen tourism safely and responsibly.

To accomplish these goals WTN encourages the establishment of local chapters, which will be able to address specific local and global issues within the respective local and global settings.

Our members are our team.
They include known leaders, emerging voices, and members of the private and public sectors with a purpose-driven vision and a responsible business sense.

Our partners are our strength.
Our Partners include private sector organizations and initiatives in destinations, the hospitality industry, aviation, attractions, trade shows, media, consulting and lobbying as well as public sector organizations, initiatives and associations.

Welcome to WTN!