Temperature Checking and Contact Tracing for Responsible Reopening

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Skreen is a high-end thermal camera paired with our software ecosystem enabling thermal screening, contact tracing, and advanced reporting capabilities.

Our holistic solutions assist organizations in responsibly reopening by going above and beyond the minimum requirements required by law to prioritize the health and wellbeing of your team and visitors without introducing any complexity.


Businesses, schools, government offices, and other essential operations around the globe that require close human interaction have little access to technology to ensure they are reopening responsibly. Reopening safely as soon as responsibly feasible is required to minimize the social and economical consequences of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The impact of social distancing on capacity coupled with the increased operating expenses to implement effective and rigorous safety measures have made it increasingly difficult to take safety precautions other than requiring masks, providing hand sanitizer, and encouraging social distancing.

We noticed few solutions including advanced technology have been implemented on a large scale in locations frequented by the public that are essential to life because best practices have yet to be identified.


Our system development came out of a dire need for a solution with advanced capabilities to be available to organizations of all scales that can synchronize multiple data sets, and most importantly, able to communicate with other organizations in the network.

Our strategy is to put an affordable advanced technology solution in the hands of decision-makers within businesses, school districts, elected government officials, public and private transportation providers, and other essential operations.

We focused on automating practical social distancing protocols, minimizing purchase and operating cost, and simplifying user interfaces to provide a solution that is easy-to-use and multi-functional.


Our system provides a solution with advanced technological capabilities that is affordable, easy-to-use, accessible to organizations of all scales, able to synchronize multiple data sets, and most importantly, able to communicate with other organizations.

Advanced data management software is at the heart of the Skreen. This software pairs with an embedded system solutions with a thermal scanner, camera, and a mini-computer to create a reliable system with cloud communication for remote organization management and control. Multiple configurations allow for a solution for every scenario. Include:


  • Mask Detection
  • Visitor Count
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Inter-organization communication
  • Instant Searchability
  • Alerting


  • Operator check-in
  • Self check-in
  • Mobile solution
  • Automatic skreens

We continually improve our existing solutions and develop new features at no cost

Smart Thermal Camera (STC)



Entering a person’s information at time of screening is preferred but is not required. Information may be entered or edited later.

*Timestamp, date, and skreen results cannot be altered.





Secure sign-up for each organization




  • Customize your organization’s features and settings
  • Setup and synchronize multiple locations and devices
  • Analyze results with real-time information
  • Produce reports from different data sets
  • Set permissions from one management dashboard


Skreen BADGE


All Participating locations will receive a Skreen Badge to be placed at the entrance and will be advertised as an active screening location



Skreen may benefit anyone with a door. Skeen has the most benefits for any organization that wants to automate mask detection, real-time occupancy counting, and temperature checks to prevent needing to assign one or more employees to do the same tasks.

Skreen was designed to be the ultimate aid for all businesses, organizations, schools, retail, offices, venues, tourist attractions, and government offices. Organizations will be able to responsibly reopen while maximizing employee and customer protection when employing Skreen’s advanced technological solution.

The safety, health and welfare of the entire community can be optimized when Skreen’s cloud services and inter-organization network communications is paired with other social distancing measures such as PPE for employees, proper sanitizing, and employee testing.



From $ 1,500.00



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