Fitness from the office or home

An important part to reduce the spread of COVID-19 is causing changes in everyday schedules that are disrupting workout routines for many Americans. Exercise is especially important now because it can reduce stress, prevent weight gain, boost … Read More

Rebuilding Tourism in Hawaii

Join the discussion with Hawaii Tourism Expert  Frank Haas  on how to rebuild the travel and tourism industry in Hawaii. Organized in cooperation with the Hawaii Tourism Wholesale Organization and … Read More

Covid-19 Rapid Response Team

… for an Age of Pandemics and beyond Overview Tourism is a fast-paced industry and when crises or (negative) events occur, often the industry must scramble to keep natural or … Read More

Typsy: Online Training, Australia

Typsy is supporting the hospitality industry throughout COVID-19 pandemic and during the recovery phase. • Online courses in the areas of Service, Beverages, Cuisine, Hotel Industry, Business, Compliance and Management • … Read More