Jules Older, journalist, CA, USA

I’m a journalist and author, radio commentator and business consultant, clinical psychologist and medical educator. My work has garnered awards in four countries and has been published in leading medical … Read More

Felicity Thomlinson, Typsy, Australia

Typsy is a leading provider of online hospitality training to companies globally. We have over 700 online video lessons, on a purpose-built platform great to support online learning for the … Read More

Denise Brown, Sababu Safaris, NY, USA

Sababu Safaris is an owner-run boutique safari operator committed to creating unique journeys to Tanzania that change hearts and minds, and leave a long-lasting impact on both guests and local … Read More

Mona Naffa, Expedia, Jordan

We are Hotel and SPA owners and our livelihood is Tourism and sustaining the Sector. We provide the best value for the practical minded traveler. Destination Jordan is a platform … Read More

Angela Rodriguez, Genuine Spain

I represent a sustainable tourism tour operator based in Spain. We are focused on highlighting the sustainable and ecotourism offer of the country, putting together a unique supply chain of … Read More

Arturo Crosby, FORUM NATURA, Spain

CEO Forum Natura International (Sustainable Tourism, Nature & Rural Areas, Innovation) Training, education, and consultancy (international cooperation) Communication (Journalist in 3 different and most important tourism and the environment media … Read More

Teodora Diaconu, Baia Holiday, Italy

Senior Marketing and Communication Specialist, based in Italy since 2000. Currently Marketing Manager for one of the most important Italian Camping Villages Group, loves the tourism worldwide and the bonds … Read More

Soniya Kirpa, The Unknown Planet, India

The Company We are the Asia, Africa’s premiere Video / AR based Travel, Tours, Hospitality Discovery Platform. Highlighting gendersafe and unique locations we stimulate customer aqusitions for destinations and their … Read More

Emmanuel Frimpong, Ghana

Emmanuel Frimpong holds BA in Economics and Geography and MBA in Finance from KNUST and University of Leicester (UK) respectively. Emmanuel is the CEO of Pishon Consult and also the … Read More

Indra Gurung, Singapore

A journalist and communication practitioner by training, I joined a Singapore and Nepal-based boutique specialist travel agency last year as a partner and responsible for communication and business development. I … Read More

Brian Frontin, CEO TTHTI Trinidad & Tobago

Mr. Brian Frontin is the Group Chief Executive Officer of the Trinidad Hotels, Restaurants & Tourism Association (THRTA) and the Trinidad and Tobago Hospitality and Tourism Institute (TTHTI). He has … Read More