Paul Hoskins, ITIC Ltd, London, UK

// | | I am a director of ITIC Ltd – International Tourism Investment Conference – and have more than 40 years of experience in the travel-tourism, meetings, and … Read More

Ian Dockreay, Travel Uni, Surrey, UK

I am Chief Executive of Travel Uni – the global travel education organisation. With over 200,000 members, graduates and post graduates worldwide, we are passionate about rebuilding the travel business. … Read More

Laurat Ogunjobi, Cush Consulting Group, IL, USA

I’m an American expat and Founder of Cush Consulting Group, a seasonal and remote content communications firm that works on educational, philanthropic, and cultural projects. Cross continental, international project consulting, … Read More

Cindy Hiddeson, NY, USA

I am the former Director, North America of the Monaco Government Tourist Office where I served for 30 years. I am currently a consultant in the area of destination marketing … Read More

Susan McKee, IN, USA

Susan McKee is an independent scholar and freelance journalist specializing in history, culture and travel. She writes for a wide variety of publications, both print and online. Recent bylines have … Read More

Esther Omoche, Asaray Tours, Mombasa, Kenya

Operations / Marketing Director at ASARAY TOURS a woman-owned organization offering you travel and related services. With wide knowledge and experience in travel we are an elite family safari company, … Read More

Paul Ligones, Ammomedia, Manila, Philippines

We are consultants with foreign marketing partners who will be promoting tourist destination properties in the Philippines. The initial project is owned by Carino Development and Management Corporation (CDMC). // … Read More

Lana Weber, Depart Smart, MN, USA

I am the Executive Director of Depart Smart a travel safety education company. I see my role as providing a resource to travelers and travel-related organizations.