Ibrahim Osta, Chemonics International, DC, USA

Currently leading donor-funded tourism development activities or conducting technical assistance and advisory in various countries, including Lebanon, Tunisia, Georgia, Ukraine, Nepal and Bosnia-Herzegovina, among others. I previously managed the USAID … Read More

deTraci Regula, CA, USA

Long-term travel writer specializing in Greece for, New York Times Company, Travel Savvy, WorldCities, Examiner, Black Chalk Magazine, and other online and print outlets. Determined to promote travel, especially … Read More

Edoardo Colombo, We The Italians, Rome, Italy

I am an expert and consultant at the intersection of innovation, digital communication, and tourism. Collaboration to spread ideas to rebuild travel in Italy.  

Olanma Ojukwu, Cotonou, Benin

I am Olanma A. OJUKWU, CEO of Gota voyages. For more info on Gota, please do check us out on our Facebook page, Gota voyages, and on Instagram,@gota.voyages, also on … Read More

Marlene Goldman, CA, USA

I am a freelance travel writer for various business, meetings, and leisure publications/outlets. I would like to help promote destinations with my writing once travel opens up.

Rashid Mtoro, VETA, Tanzania

I’m an individual interested in travel activities and sponsoring tourism for my country. I’m a retired vocational teacher. My role is to enlighten people on several traveling experiences specifically on … Read More

Matjaž Šinkovec, Zgornje Pirniče, Medvode, Slovenia

Senior Ambassador, National Coordinator for Africa. Trying to contribute to reopening, strengthening and enhancing Slovenia’s relations and cooperation, including tourism, with Sub-Saharan countries, especially South Africa, Ethiopia, Cabo Verde and … Read More

Matthew Hiller, TrekSecure, TX, USA

CEO TrekSecure TrekSecure (Patent Pending) launches in May 2020. TrekSecure connects Airlines, Cruise Ships, Hotels and International Health Agencies in a single platform to provide a safer environment for travelers … Read More