Tony Ofungi, Maleng Travel Uganda Ltd, Kampala, Uganda

Tony Ofungi (B.A Hons.Social Sciences Makerere University Kampala) Diploma Tourism Management:Schoss Klessheim ,Salzburg, Diploma Conservation Management U.S.A. Tony has second-generation experience in the tourism industry with public and private sector … Read More

Hisham Tammam, DT Services, Dubai, UAE

I’m chairman and Co/Founder of 2 leading DMC in Emirates and Egypt, in bound from Germany, England, France, Scandinavia, and Luxembourg. I need to brainstorm about Tourism after Corona. Loading… … Read More

Dr Manj Subiah, GIIS, Johannesburg, South Africa

Dr. Manj Subiah, Director at GIobal Intuitive Intelligence Systems®, is an executive coach, author, key note speaker and #1 Intuitive Intelligence System® specialist. She is also an accredited Enneagram assessor … Read More

Nikolados Ioannou, Neos, Greece

Hospitality Professional E-Commerce & Revenue Management for the Tourism and Hospitality Industry Shaping with Business Intelligence the Digital Transition and Commerce for the Hospitality Industry by applying the principles of … Read More

Ibrahim Osta, Chemonics International, DC, USA

Currently leading donor-funded tourism development activities or conducting technical assistance and advisory in various countries, including Lebanon, Tunisia, Georgia, Ukraine, Nepal and Bosnia-Herzegovina, among others. I previously managed the USAID … Read More

Olanma Ojukwu, Cotonou, Benin

I am Olanma A. OJUKWU, CEO of Gota voyages. For more info on Gota, please do check us out on our Facebook page, Gota voyages, and on Instagram,@gota.voyages, also on … Read More

Matjaž Šinkovec, Zgornje Pirniče, Medvode, Slovenia

Senior Ambassador, National Coordinator for Africa. Trying to contribute to reopening, strengthening and enhancing Slovenia’s relations and cooperation, including tourism, with Sub-Saharan countries, especially South Africa, Ethiopia, Cabo Verde and … Read More

Matthew Hiller, TrekSecure, TX, USA

CEO TrekSecure TrekSecure (Patent Pending) launches in May 2020. TrekSecure connects Airlines, Cruise Ships, Hotels and International Health Agencies in a single platform to provide a safer environment for travelers … Read More