#RebuildingTravel is uniting the tourism in facing its greatest challenge.  We are a non-political pro-tourism industry group composed of members of tourism boards, ministers of tourism, professional associations, industry stakeholders, researchers and academics, and travelers. We are all interested in seeing tourism thrive by facing tourism’s important issues of the day. As concerned members of the tourism community, we are discussing issues of rebuilding our industry after the massive harm is done to the industry by CODID-19/  Representing some 113 nations we invite everyone who is interested in restoring the travel & tourism industry to participate in Rebuilding Travel
#RebuildingTravel offers travel professionals, stakeholders, members of tourism’s public, and private sector, and its associations to talk not just to each other but with each other. #RebuildingTravel is our chance to turn the COVID-19 challenge into a  win/win opportunity that will maintain a better sustainable and profitable industry; one that wlll help the world to come a little bit closer to world peace through the friendships that tourism creates.
Tourism will never be the same- let’s turn this moment into an opportunity and rebuild!
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Rebuilding Travel is a partnership between the African Tourism Board ( ATB)
and the International Coalition of Tourism Partners (ICTP)