Nancy Barkley speaks with Pamela Spanu, on challenges and solutions that wedding planners have been confronting since the pandemic

Picture : Celebrating with Elegance


Nancy Barkley speaks with Pamela Spanu, Executive Event Designer at Celebrating with Elegance, on challenges and solutions that wedding planners have been confronting since the pandemic.   Celebrating with Elegance’s multi lingual planners create luxury destination weddings and celebrations worldwide – from castles to vineyards, private villas, yachts and some of the world’s finest hotels. We have a global network of strong relationships with suppliers to ensure that wherever in the world we are working, our high standards of service, event production and design are deliverable.

Nancy-    What has been the biggest challenge for you planning weddings/events since the pandemic?

Pamela – I think a big challenge is to comfort the clients and offer solutions for a more intimate occasion.  Most clients, especially brides, have dreamt of their wedding day with all of their family and friends present to celebrate.

They may have had a special destination in mind which has travel restrictions and now must accept alternatives. We are not use to being told that we can not travel to that special destination we have been dreaming of.

If this is the case, it is up to us to make that alternative the best day of their lives in each and every way possible. Technology has helped also. It allows their family and friends be virtually with them to share the experience.


There are brides that have had a small ceremony to be married in their home town and put the destination reception on hold for a later date.

I assure them it is a good decision and that the future reception will be fantastic!

Safety and health is most important.

Nancy- What are your insights regarding vendors?

Pamela – As far as vendors are concerned, I pray they are all strong enough to survive this crazy time.  I would suggest wedding/event insurance for every client. You could retain the best established professional vendor and for no fault of their own, they could close their doors. If they have received a deposit, the client runs the risk of losing it.  If they have received a deposit, it is a good idea to check back with the vendor now and again. I can only imagine the difficulty some are having. Let them know you are there and understand the situation. The vendors I work with have held the deposits for future rebooking dates or have returned the deposits.

Nancy- What will be the biggest change for you in planning weddings/events in 2021 and onward?

Pamela – I have noticed that clients are searching for private villas or exclusive use of boutique hotels opposed to a large hotel.  They feel safer knowing that they will not have contact with other guests.