Oswell Cole, Cole Travel and Tours, Accra, Ghana

Recognised as Future of Ghana 30 under 30 and a Member of the For(bes) The Culture, Oswell Cole is the CEO of Wesc Holdings comprising of Cole Travel and Tours, CTT Events, The Explorer’s Club and Spirar Media. He is a travel expert, an immigration consultant, an exploring Ghana ambassador and a strong activist for the achievement of the SDGs, especially #Tourism4SDGs. He serves as the co-founder of Youth Steer Foundation, a non-profit seeking to empower & educate the youth through all year activities aiming at raising entrepreneurs and exceptional leaders. He is the brain behind the Ghana Tourism4SDGs Conference and Africa Youth & Student Travel Conference.

I see my role in contributing to shaping travel based on individual interests of a certain group of people from a certain geographic areas. People travel for different reason especially in my part of the world, it’s either for visiting family or school. Therefore, I shape my business to cover that. I am trying to create an interest in Sport tourism within the country and other various forms of travel with the youth as a target audience so it can be built in the DNA for the next generation to incorporate.


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