Bernard Bialylew, New Concept Travel, Hong Kong, SAR China | [email protected] | +85255096088

A veteran of the Travel & Tourism Industry for over 40 years. Starting as a tour leader, director, then CEO. The vast experience of running a business, opening offices, marketing strategies, and purchasing negotiations. I believe if one buys well, one will sell well. After 18 years in the leading Independent Wholesale Tour Operator, Gullivers Travel Associates (GTA) as CEO APAC we built Asia from nearly nothing to a $300m Empire based in Hong Kong. For 5 years was called by the board of Director to be the interim Group Managing Director in London while our Chairman recovered from a Stroke. Learned invaluable lessons on a more global perspective. We were the first Western Tour Operator to be granted a Travel Agent License by the then CNTA (China National Travel Administration). We sold GTA in 2005 and I “retired” from the industry to dedicate myself to humanitarian causes, animal welfare, preserving the environment, and children’s education. Finally, the call from the industry was too strong, and came back end of 2018 with my brand new outfit: New Concept Travel.

Rebuilding travel will be a long and tedious process. The group business as we know it will take even longer as people will shy away from sitting in coaches with 30 strangers. The FIT, specially packaged FIT will be the way to restart.


Why packaged and not dynamic? Because fixed packaged can be controlled more tightly for health protocols, easier for seniors or noncomputer educated people to handle rather than search many separate elements from a tour and buy from companies totally detached from one’s life. Safety will push people to go back more to buying travel face to face. At least for a while.

Hotel only will be bought online still but the savvy consumer, as well as air tickets, there is space for every type of business. We shall strive to offer safe packages at very good value following all the demanding protocols of the host country and more. We demand our suppliers to be forthcoming on their steps to comply with all procedures to make a tour safe. Be it GIT or FIT.