Laurat Ogunjobi, Cush Consulting Group, IL, USA

I’m an American expat and Founder of Cush Consulting Group, a seasonal and remote content communications firm that works on educational, philanthropic, and cultural projects. Cross continental, international project consulting, and working with global multilingual teams have always been my main career objective. My professional interests are to apply my international and global work experience into roles that compliment my expertise in diverse and emerging industries.

The core of my passion has also been philanthropic and community-centered in nature. I believe in digital media and the communications industry; viewing it as a major key to the development of an enlightened world. Due to my work in cultural and global relations, this involves lectures, seminars, events, business tourism, adventures, and case studies in various cities. I have been awarded several cultural projects with a tourism theme, thus my interest to segment my cultural content and engagement strategies into tourism centered initiatives.

My role in travel is culturally centered. I provide cultural content, content that involves research, data and even visuals. When engaging in cultural initiatives and agendas, tourism is always a guiding factor. As companies, nations and institutions seek to expand progressive ideaologies, progressive culture is found therein. My role is to promote, support, engage and provide the necessary resources to seekers and clients.

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