Pamela Ott, Wild Side Destinations and Destination Weddings.Travel, OR, USA

I am the founder of Wild Side Destinations and Destination Weddings. Travel With my contagious passion for travel, romance, discovery, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences, I fulfilled dreams for clients including brides, grooms, families, adventure, and romance travel.

With 18 years of first-hand experience, we are positioned for boutique travel and services with concierge services. My background includes past and present board positions CTO, OSSN, CCRA, DWHSA, and more with Certifications for many Caribbean Islands, Mexico destinations, and others as well as Brand Certifications, Gay Wedding Certified, blog and writer.

I create and coordinate destination weddings, small and large designed for romance, love, and adventure! From an adults-only experience, a kid-free paradise, or a hip and chic experience for families and friends, my nurtured relationships with tourist boards and new trends keep us positioned on the cutting edge of destinations, brands and travel. Our hand-pick travel partners have business practices and company cultures that ensure comfort for all life-styles and we support sustainable tourism, volunteer tourism, child protection and nature.

I have been in the tourism industry for 18 years. The nurtured relationships with government authorities, representatives, and resort management mean resources and two-way communications on tourism and new products.


I also have influence and connections with associations and Facebook groups that help influence other travel professionals and the public. I am strong in marketing and my enthusiasm and dedication include creating new ideas, outside the box training and successful problem-solving. | [email protected]

by PamelaOtt