COVID-19: A Q&A with Security Management Experts

Meet and learn from Mr. Ron Gertner, a 26 year veteran of the Israeli Police force, and a selected team from Brazil and the United States are discussing technical platforms in place to respond to the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Co-hosted by Dr. Peter Tarlow, head of Safer Tourism, Dr. Taleb Rifai, former UNWTO Secretary-General from Jordan, Juergen Steinmetz, CEO TravelNewsGroup.

Meet Ron Gertner – Col. (RET.)


Served for 30 years in the security organizations, including 4 years in the army and 26 years in the Israel Police.

A leading authority in the field of dealing with terrorist attacks, preparing for terrorist attacks, fighting crime organizations and dealing with various policing issues.

Among his outstanding positions, he served as the Operations Branch Officer in the Judea and Samaria District, Commander of the Eilat Region, Commander of the Netanya Station, Commander of Rosh Ha’ayin Station, And the vice commander of the National Police Academy. In these positions, he accumulated extensive experience in commanding severe terrorist and criminal incidents and conducted complex operations in cooperation with various emergency organizations and authorities.

He is a graduate of the National Security College and has extensive experience in leading various projects and training around the world.

Meet Jorge Augustowski

São Paulo – Brazi

  • Specialist in implementing in Brazil international technology value-added companies
    • Civilian
    • Defense & Security
  • Consultant & Marketing Representative of one of the biggest defense companies in Israel, working for the Brazilian Army, Federal Police, Police Special Forces.
  • 35 years in Management Consulting and 25 years in Corporate Finance, developing projects in different sectors: Industries, Agribusiness, Infrastructure, Technology, Services, Health, Government, Gas, Petroleum, Mining, and Banks, including IADB – Inter-American Development Bank, and The World Bank.
  • CEO of Lexus Business & Corporate Development, that represents MTS from Israel in Brazil.
  • Vice-President of ANEFAC, Head of Economy and Finance – National Association of Executives of Finance, Administration and Accountancy.
  • Former Director at PWC – PriceWaterhouseCoopers, one of the “Big 4”, the world´s biggest companies in Auditing and Management Consulting, where worked for 12 years.
  • Former University Professor at ESPM University – Superior School of Marketing & Advertisement, in the Business Administration Courses.
  • Education: Chemical Engineer at FAAP University, São Paulo, and Business Administrator at FEA-USP, University of São Paulo, Administration and Economics College, awarded with the Academic Excellence Prize.
  • Meet John Rajikumar Mylvangan J


Mr. “Raj” Mylvaganam, a Sri Lankan National, is a prominent and established Business Consultant, specializing in International Trade & Tender and Infrastructure Development Projects, complemented with is numerous statutory and directorate responsibilities.

Raj has worked extensively and effectively and especially, among other commercial interests, interacted with the fisheries industry in Sri Lanka. He possesses extensive international business acumen and have actively and successfully promoted trade and investment for a number of business ventures. Over the years he has been instrumental in conceptualizing, promoting, and establishing a number of key infrastructure projects for the Government of Sri Lanka.  In his personal capacity, Mr. Raj is a member of the Board of Directors for six private limited liability corporate organizations in Sri Lanka, and on an Executive Consultant capacity for numerous other ventures. He has actively liaised with senior Government and Foreign Investors to establish several Sri Lanka Board of Investment approved business entities in Sri Lanka. During the year 1987/2012,

Raj, has established strong relations with representatives of all political parties, senior representatives of both past and present governments and also the many bureaucrats of statutory organizations in Sri Lanka. He has over the years developed a very close association with foreign missions of the countries that he has identified, sourced and promoted investment missions



M.T.S is a leading security consulting and project management company based in the state of Israel.

The company provides security solutions and services in various fields for clients all around the world.

All services carried out by highly qualified veterans from law enforcement, police, military, home front command, and Israeli security agencies.

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