Peter Byrne, Mafia Island Tourism, Zanzibar, Tanzania

I am a hotelier and service provider in the tourism industry of Mafia Island in Tanzania and active in the industry in associations and organizations dedicated to improvements in the management, development, and organization of the industry.
By training and experience, I am a development economist with 35 years of evaluations, planning, multi-disciplinary project task forces, economic and financial evaluation behind me.
My focus now is on sustainability in the industry and strategies for applying climate-friendly approaches at the lowest level of the industry ie the final local destinations.
This has become increasingly urgent as tourism has grown into an un-managed “monster” with few investing in sustainability and dealing with the impacts of the rapid increase to 2019 of the industry with devastating consequences, combined with national government focus only on numbers and revenues. The COVID-19 pandemic has given us an opportunity in many ways and we should make the most of it, even though we have enormous difficulties.

I am submitting blogs on the strategies we have adopted, the situation in Tanzania, Zanzibar and Mafia and concepts of “being available” and the experiences we have so far. I have produced more than a dozen papers so far and analyze every source i can find to understand the trends and emerging ideas, especially responses of the traveling public and the controls of their governments, which are usually non-aligned.


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