JaVonne Harley, Advantage International, IL, USA

I am the owner of Advantage International, a group and incentive travel company, and a host of Traveling Culturati, a radio show on travel.

I’ve been in the travel industry for 30+ years working with airline consolidators and wholesales before starting my company.

As a travel facilitator, my role in #rebuildingtravel will include sharing my process and experience with relaunching travel programs. The things that have worked for me and contributed to my success over the past 22 years in business.

As I mentioned in the webinar, most of what we are dealing with are out of our control. Therefore, we must establish processes to move forward. We cannot guarantee safety and security, we can only provide information, education, resources, and our own expertise for safer and more secure travel. For this, we must educate ourselves and stay up to date with constantly changing information.


This time is like no other in that, it’s not one region, nation, or city, it’s the world, including your own departing country. There’s no redirect.

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