Linda Gillan-Osborne, Minset-Reset, Manchester, UK

Attitudinal change facilitator, speaker, writer, passionate about the future of South Africa with a strong belief that all need to unite in the realization that South Africa is a sensational, incredible country, filled with, wonderful, humble, community-focused people, who don’t realize how amazing they are. Who due to an awful past history seem stuck in an incorrect belief system and appear to sometimes act as though they’re inferior, when just the opposite is true. SA has overcome enormous obstacles and is a truly sensational place. I at present live in the UK.

The people here call their country Great Britain and no matter what happens (and much does, that is certainly not great) they continue to believe their country is Great! It’s time for South Africans to examine the truth of who we are, what we have overcome, our resilience, inner strength and resilience, and the beauty and wealth the country has to offer. It’s time for a truly new beginning and behavior and attitude that shows the world who we truly are. We are all South Africans and must instill the knowledge of Sensational South Africa and a ‘can do’ mentality into each other, our children, and the world.


To do whatever I can, including conducting workshops, talks, and writing in order to, in any way possible enable people to feel and be strong in the realization of who we really are. |