The Future of the Cruise Industry: 10 June: 3.00pm EST 20.00h London

Why cruises could emerge from the pandemic as the safest way to travel and for a holiday. This is an argument cruise expert Bruce Nierenberg brings to our discussion at

Together with Dr. Peter Tarlow of  there will be a Q&A  on Wednesday.

Cruise lines have been particularly battered by the pandemic storm but one expert believes that if the industry puts the right protocols in place now, it could re-surface as one of the safest types of the holiday experience. Bruce Nierenberg, cruise consultant and the founder of Victory Cruise Lines, Premier Cruise Lines (Big Red Boats), United Caribbean Lines and former EVP for Norwegian Cruise Lines and former CEO of Costa Cruise Lines, explains why. 

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Bruce Nierenberg, Bruce Nierenberg & Associates, FL, USA