Cuthbert Ncube

Cuthbert Ncube, ATB, South Africa

Chairman African Tourism Board: The Global Community faces this unprecedented plague, This commands the Continent to lay the foundation of economic reforms that will prioritize African markets, innovations, and local manufacturings.

The Continent as a matter of priority needs a reshape across all Member States to transit all economies from relying on the extraction and sale of raw materials to the west and east and start building up local industries and refinery plants that will utilize local resources and turn them into most sort after and needed value-added products for exports.

This calls for immediate implementation of the Africa Free Trade Agreement, a dream that was proposed by the Pan-Africanist Leaders whose dream is to see a Continent that will first trade within its own borders and not give priority to its former colonial countries.


Africa needs to break the Chains of dependence syndrome and the time is now. As Africa is speaking with a united voice in curbing the scourge of the pandemic, this is an encouraging endeavor in a crisis that has driven the west and the east to put their priorities and resolves in their domestic challenges.

Cuthbert Ncube
Chairman of African Tourism Board

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