Dr Manj Subiah, GIIS, Johannesburg, South Africa

Dr. Manj Subiah, Director at GIobal Intuitive Intelligence Systems®, is an executive coach, author, key note speaker and #1 Intuitive Intelligence System® specialist. She is also an accredited Enneagram assessor as well as coach and mentor for Mandela Washington Fellows (YALI).
As a transformational leader, business advisor and coach, Dr Manj enables business executives; leaders and teams to effect desired outcomes in the business, professional and personal peak potential space.
Interventions include assessments, executive coaching, specialized programs and focused keynote addresses. Peak performance of teams and self-mastery in individuals is the ultimate result, with organisations enjoying sustainable behavioural and cultural change. Licensed to use Intuitive Intelligence Systems® Contact Dr Manj:

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The ravages of the COVID pandemic have never been damaging to the hospitality and tourism industry. My contribution to this was an article spelling out the importance of using the intuitive intelligence lens in bringing out foresighted solutions, data-driven decisions, and sustainable solutions.
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“Managing the Global Crisis Caused by COVID-19, using the Intuitive Intelligence meta-framework.”  The article shares a global business case perspective of the hospitality industry.