MD. Abul Kalam Azad, Travel Homes, Dhaka, Bangladesh

am MAK AZAD known in tourism as my nickname MILAN. Since 1999 ,I am doing tourism business as a Tour Operator in Bangladesh. My tourism experience was in New Garden Hostel, Hong Kong from 1991to 1995 as a Tourist Hostel manager. I studied in Japanese Language and Culture in Hong Kong and Dhaka University. I meet many tourist in almost all countries around the globe. I am a professional and responsible tour operator based in Dhaka since 1999. My current position is a vice chairman at the Tourism Developer Association of Bangladesh(TDAB). I M also a tourism expert from Bangladesh as contribute to the UN/CEAFACT forum.

I do believe that alternative tourism businesses like Community development based tourism activities and Small scaled Lodging House( SLH ) can be popular for the next generation tourism field. Sensitive tourist groups like high-end group tourists may less encourage to any tourism destination but budget & mid-range tourist groups shall be travel more.

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