Robert Basiuk, Borneo Adventure, Sarawak, Malaysia

I am a co-founder of Borneo Adventure, an inbound travel company based in Kuching, Malaysia. Established in 1987, our core business is promoting conservation and responsible travel. Our collaboration with local communities in Sarawak’s interior has resulted in improved orangutan conservation and increased protection of valuable habitat. Over the years we have become a respected voice for sustainable tourism and support for community development.

What we wish to see as we travel has not changed. However, how we interact with the products, people and destinations need to be re-thought in light of the Covid-19 threat. We will need to inspire confidence in not only the visitors but also the host communities that everyone will be safe. This will require a rethinking of how we conduct tours, how we interact with host communities and how we interact with each other. Our role is to adopt these changes at the industry level in order that we can firstly protect our communities so we can in turn ensure that our clients are safe and have enriching experiences.

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