Renate Schmidt, Public Cologne, Ltd, Cologne, Germany

Renate Schmidt, founder and owner of Public Cologne – PR-agency

I love traveling, gastronomical delights, and all things related to the hospitality industry, not only on a personal level but in my professional capacity as well. As director of my own PR agency Public Cologne, I have more than 20 years of experience in promoting travel and tourism, mainly for the German-speaking markets.
New destinations, interesting hotels, charming restaurants, and events of all sorts are right down my alley. I love promoting locations and settings where people can have fun and joyful experiences. It is a pleasure to network, to connect people, to steer communication, and to create interesting topics of conversation – not only for me but also for my entire team of 5.

am interested in being part of #rebuildingtravel because I enjoy connecting with experts in tourism & travel and with people who are as passionate about communication as I am.

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