Janet Moore, Distant Horizons, CA, USA

I own a travel company that has been operating educational programs to less well known parts of the world since 1985. We specialize in high-end programs whose focus is to provide an in-depth insight into other cultures through dialogue and extraordinary experiences. Clients range from alumni at Harvard and Stanford Universities to museums such as the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

This is a time where unity and comprehensive, well-thought out plans will count. Travel will not be the same again and we need to start building a narrative and landscape where people will once again feel ready to travel. This is no simple task but we must reach out, talk to our community of travelers, listen attentively and then react. We need, for the short term, to provide offerings that fit with the audience we are trying to win back. We need to move slowly, carefully and with great sensitivity. This is not a time to cajole – this is a time to listen. Only once we have understood the fears and the goals, should we act.


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