Imtiaz Muqbil, Travel Impact Newswire, Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok-based journalist covering the travel and tourism industry since 1981. Currently editor and publisher of Travel Impact Newswire, arguably the only travel publication providing alternative perspectives and challenging conventional wisdom. I have visited every country in the Asia Pacific except North Korea and Afghanistan. Travel and Tourism is an intrinsic part of the history of this great continent but the people of Asia are a long way away from realizing the importance and value of their rich cultural and natural heritage.

As one of the longest-serving travel trade journalists in Asia, I have seen the industry go through many crises, from natural disasters to geopolitical upheavals and economic collapse. My goal is to get the industry to learn from history and its past mistakes. Really sickening to see the so-called “visionaries, futurists and thought-leaders” stick to the same old myopic solutions which do nothing to address the root causes of crises.

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