Adriana Real, Zafiro Tours Horsetrail

I am an enterprising woman with an insatiable thirst for knowledge and different experiences.
Never static, always evolving.
The world is infinite. It offers you everything you need. It has given me the opportunity to
travel, which awakens my imagination and a passion for the unknown.
My passion is my job as a travel consultant. Offer people the best experience of their lives.
Something they never imagined living. Let it overshadow that brochure or website you saw.
Help them in the inconveniences and obstacles that will be found along the way, because
traveling is a challenge. The pleasure of overcoming the customs counter, the endless
queues to board, the receipt of your luggage at your hotel when it is lost. Those are
challenges and like in every dish to taste, you always have salt and pepper. But when they
help you solve it, you enjoy and value your trip more. You have an anecdote to tell. apart
from the Selfies to share.
Another important aspect of my life is my experience with horses, you will be almost
mythological and little understood, it led me to wish that everyone would live even once in
their lives riding free. “Observe the world through the ears of a horse”
Change your perspective of what is now. You live the moment without a past and without a
future. You know first-hand without obstacles from windshields, engine noises, and gasoline
burned to nature. Just as it is pristine and wild. Your body is in communion with the horse
“You sit down” and your legs are now only the legs of your horse. They only serve to show
you the way, although he already knows where to take you.
My experience is in the hotel industry in Playa del Carmen as a hotel manager. Now I offer
my experience through the Zafiro Tours Horsetrail travel agency. everyone who dares to
imagine a dream trip. Those trips that despite the problems and the continuity you do not
forget. You carry them in your heart.
I have developed the business model of Equestrian Tourism. Horsetail Mèxico Tours also
certifying equestrian tourism guides of the participating companies in the Mexican
Association of Equestrian Tourism that I preside. Customer service comes first as it is
important. Each moment is unrepeatable, it cannot be changed.
I have the certification as an expert tourism agent in different countries such as Canada,
Mexico and Ireland. As we live in the digital age and I consider myself a Baby Boomer with
the soul of a Millennial, I studied a Master in Digital Marketing focused on Tourism 4.0. from
IEBS University in Spain. Technology has become my third passion. There am that I am a
traveler on horseback with GPS that tells me my way forward in life. The compass stayed
with Marco Polo.
The world has changed since Covid19. Business and work will be carried out with “La Sana
Distancia” therefore, remote work is a reality as of today.

To contribute my experience in equestrian tourism as a new activity to be carried out by experience tourism companies.
The bases of this project are in accordance with the new market trend to seek distance and contact with nature. Alternative or luxury accommodation is not excluded but complemented.
I offer training to adopt the already successful business model in various countries with Spain, France, Portugal, the USA, Uruguay, and Argentina as well as Mexico.
Equestrian tourism not only focuses on traveling the routes laid out but also for the physical and energetic qualities the horse brings health and stability to those who ride it.
Lastly, it is another resource for people who have horses to be able to obtain their maintenance by offering tourists in their horses and facilities, which may be horse riding, ranches, ranches, and farms that are currently experiencing this pandemic.

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