Ghadah Angawi, Neeeeoharismaticl Leadership LLC, WI, USA

Dr. Ghadah Angawi has spent the past 20 years of her career developing a leadership effectiveness model derived from her experiences in training and coaching leaders. The model is informed by her research on Neocharismatic leadership’s behavioral roles in strategic decision making. Using EQ 360 she helps individuals capitalize on their strengths to elevate their performance in other areas. She supports leaders in identifying core values, vision, and long-term goals and drives individuals towards evaluating critically their organizational initiatives or life situations. In some of her work, she also coaches leadership teams to become high performing according to Harvard researched model on 6 Condition. She is an advanced practitioner on Team Diagnostic Survey TDS

Coaching high-level leaders and teams to transform how the work is done an authentic, and profound leadership presence.

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