Sandro Billi, Side Note scc, Firenze, Italy

I am a Consultant in Destination Development and Marketing, experienced in Marketing research and Tourism strategies. I have a wealth of experience in producing studies and marketing plans for governments and government organizations, as well as private companies, trade associations, public authorities in Italy and abroad. I collaborated with many international research centers and tourism consultancy companies.
My key areas of expertise include:
✓ More than 30 years’ experience in consulting services and research in the tourism economy and
destination marketing
✓ Identification of marketing strategies for development and competitiveness for tourism
✓ Responsible for strategic planning and reports for tourism transport services, hospitality
✓ National hotel and hospitality systems, destination marketing and management, and
business plans for tourism SMEs in developing countries
✓ Planning, organization, and management of professional education courses and coordination
of research teams
✓ Training and teaching courses at the university level of marketing, marketing of cultural assets
and destinations, sustainable and responsible travel and marketing, analysis of travel and
the tourism sector, cultural enterprise, and cultural tourism districts
✓ Monitoring, supervision, and evaluation of sustainable tourism
development projects

Long-time consultant with extensive experience in leading multi-disciplinary working teams for projects funding by the World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank, UNDP, and Regional and National Italian Governments. As a freelance consultant, I have more than 30 years’ experience in tourism marketing and destination development projects.
My idea is that we must focus on LifeStyle changes after the pandemic, looking at the tendencies before COVID-19, and evaluating the friendliness with ICT developed during the quarantines.


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