Dr. Birgit Trauer, The Cultural Angle, Victoria, Australia

Ph.D. in Tourism Management – experience in industry and academia.
Founder of The Cultural Angle, a boutique agency with a focus on promoting critical mindfulness and mutual care among all travelers.  |

Given the predicament that travel and tourism finds itself in, I believe that the time to encourage critical mindfulness is more important than ever before. I believe that we are all travellers no matter the roles we play in travel and tourism. In line with this I have just completed a book to be self-published very soon.


Travel as a way of learning is at the core of the book. It aims to inspire greater understanding and appreciation of travel, tourism and peace, emotional agility, the importance of needs and values, and the relevance of cultural values and stereotypes in the web of life where travel and tourism play a major part.

Title: Dare to Care and Connect – The Way of the Peaceful Traveller

A brief introduction and content list is available on my website: