Cyprien Semushi, Lobelia Tours and Travel Agency, Kigali, Rwanda

I‘m Cyprien Semushi, co-founder and currently the Managing Director of Lobelia Tours and Travel Agency.
When I graduated from University, together with a friend who had trained as Tour Guide, we identified an opportunity to revolutionalize the Tourism industry in East Africa especially that we had seen a gap that needed to be filled. So we grabbed it. Today, we mark more than 6 years in the business which taught us to take our social responsibility while contributing to the economy of our nation and the villages we take our clients to. All along, we have learned that tourism is simply a way of life and the best way to experience and live a life one would otherwise only hear in oral accounts or history books. I‘m happy for the achievements so far registered with Lobelia Tours and Travel Agency and proud of my little contribution to the economy.

As tricky as this question may sound, yet it is a collective responsibility to come up with ideas to mitigate the effects of the COVID-19 on the industry. In my opinion, my corporate role would be to ascertain that every corner where we go is free from COVID-19 or any other deadly outbreak so that my clients enjoy their stay to the fullest. This would, of course, include making informed decisions regarding our destinations and ascertaining that all stakeholders are complying with the safety measures. It is everybody‘s responsibility if we want to fully sbd rapidly recover. On top of that, I would contribute to making tourism a basic human right.

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