Mathieu Hoeberigs, WSO, Kasterlee, Belgium

I am A travel, Tourism, Sports, and Leisure Industry professional.
Looking forward to developing into more peaceful touring and travel movements in a sustainable way.

After jobs as A lawyer, University Teacher, keen amateur of Sports and culture, 34 years as European Union civil servant, consultant, Think Tanks Member……..i contribute to forward-thinking Outlook units/ groups to make this World a still Unique Place to live in.


I can contribute concretely in rethinking the global transport modes mindset. A condition sine qua non for saving touring and travel.
From pure consumer travel and Tourism to net contributors into A better and peaceful world.
Transportation is key to all Economic sectors and to all Living creatures on the globe. COVID shows That there are no borders.
Howe to mainstream the Development towards genuine global, regional, and local sustainable travel and touring. By focussing on concrete projects.