Natasha Iles, AfriFriends – Unique African Journeys, Gauteng, South Africa

AfriFriends – Unique African Journeys has been providing a variety of services to the Tourism Industry in Johannesburg since 2002.

André and Natasha work closely with International and South African Travel Agents, Tour Operators, Air Charter Companies and Lodges to provide a personal, informative and friendly service to your guests visiting our diverse and wonderful country.

Our goal is simple: we want each guest to fall in love with Southern Africa and leave as an Ambassador. AfriFriends is guided by a love and passion for our country of multi cultures.

It is extremely important to AfriFriends that our guests return home with special memories that will remain with them and urge the telling of stories about the cultures, places, animals and experiences; that they will become as passionate about Africa and return to answer ‘The call of Africa’ again and again.


AfriFriends are a seasoned and talented team of National Tourist Guides. Since 2005 we curate a collection of unique experiences for International Guests in and around Southern Africa that creates a unique journey with our guests taking home the best stories to tell.

Even as we navigate these difficult times we know that as a people we will survive; as a diverse destination our country will still be here, so we encourage you to still dream of Africa. Because when the dust settles, and it will; she will still be here, ready to welcome the world with open arms and beating hearts.

Best way to Rebuild Travel is to collaborate, network and back each other up, create no partnerships, product knowledge by sharing ideas with each other.