Neil Bald, Randpark Ridge, South Africa & Botswana

I currently work for a Botswanan based company who have hospitality assets in Madagascar, Botswana, and South Africa. I am the Chief Operating Officer.
I have 31 years of experience in hospitality having worked for major hotel chains as well as running a medium-sized management company for a number of years.

With my experience in multiple countries, having worked in 8 SADC countries to date I have a diverse understanding of how each of these countries works. I also have a large network of hospitality professionals to tap into for assistance and/or input
Issues to deal with, in my opinion:
1. Opening of borders
– a common understanding of health requirements at each border
2. Destination safety
– how do we make travelers feel safe
3. Marketing strategy
– How do we tell potential customers we are open for business
4. Membership
– group of like-minded operators needs to subscribe to minimum requirements – health, security, offers etc