Matthews Dontone Mfune, Sungani Zakwathu Cultural Heritage Association, Malawi

Am Matthews Dontone Mfune, the Executive and Artistic Director for Sungani Zakwathu Cultural Heritage Association, a Cultural Tourism NGO based in Malawi.

We work with ten cultural heritage groups in Malawi in the production, protection, and promotion of the Malawi Cultural Heritage.
I am also an In-Country Trainer of Trainers for the 2003 UNESCO Convention for Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage. And for that reason,I am also in the National Intangible Cultural Heritage Committee which is coordinating the implementation of the 2003 Convention in Malawi.

As a Cultural Practitioner, I am aware that a good number of visitors today, travel to Africa to appreciate the African peoples’ way of life also known as Culture. Therefore I join this project to complement other tourism operators in the team so that we develop a full product chain in the project. We should aim at improving the travel, accommodation,yes but not forgetting what the visitors will experience to any of the destinations they will be traveling to.


I hope that er will keep sharing more ideas, comments and suggestions as we move on.