Drew Barrett, Global 3t, IL, USA

I am a well-trained and reasonably well educated Global Business Development + Marketing professional. I have, I’d like to think, tremendous Business Development, Marketing and Sales capabilities and skills; along with great Business Acumen. I am a Marketing Experientialist, Technologist, Straightest, Tactician who can thrive in both New Digital and Traditional Medias, as well as the most Leading Edge Marketing Technologies.

I have provided new business development and marketing services for some of the biggest brands in the world to lately some innovative startups and new brand launches. Throughout my career, working both as an employee of, as well as a service provider to many major corporations I have obtained a wealth of business development, marketing and sales experience; across multiple industry verticals.

My time as an entrepreneur has been almost exclusively devoted to servicing major corporations and their brands. As an independent services provider, over the past 25 years, I have sold and fulfilled over $30,000,000 in projects and services. In recent years I have been primarily focused on the provision of the Business Development and Marketing Strategy and Tactical planning and implementation; in the Global Tourism, Trade, Technology arenas; with some work in FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) Development.

My secondary focus has been in the development of marketing applications for new digital technology; like NFC, BLE, Geofencing, Digital Signage, various Aspects of Social Marketing, etc; while still deploying leading-edge capabilities for clients in Experiential Events Marketing and Sales Promotions, engage business and or consumer targets. I have been doing so while expanding my capabilities globally, as well as domestically.

In the realm of target engagement I conceptualize, develop, produce, manage and conduct results analysis of custom interactive consumer, professional and trade targeted Experiential, Online and Traditional Direct response events, projects and campaigns. I also source available options from the marketplace, negotiate and broker brands participation in those options. All projects end with a detailed Results Analysis, based on deliverables achieved, predetermined metrics and value-added attainment. I can also develop cooperative brand partnerships and strategic alliances, having built significant contacts, connections and some relationships with many executives in many major corporations, marketing firms, ad agencies, government agencies, event properties, etc.; domestically and internationally.

Over the past 8 years, I have become an expert in the field of global travel & tourism business development and marketing; as well as having built considerable Travel & Tourism Industry Contacts and Connections. Additionally, I have been deep diving into the international marketplace to be able to bring global capabilities to anything on which I am working.

For 20 years I specialize exclusively in the Development and Solicitation and Corporate Brands Sponsorship Partnerships for a Variety of Experiential Lifestyle Consumer Events and Promotions, Business Trade Events + Exhibitions and Professional Conferences. Productions on which I work were those I produced, co-produce and those of 3rd party producers. Event categories include Professional Conferences, Trade Exhibitions, Performing Arts and Heritage Cultural presentations, Music Concerts and Festivals, Consumer Exhibitions, Informational and Educational Workshops and Seminars, VIP Receptions and Galas and More.

I have Global Connections and Capabilities, of varying level, in 70+ Nations, on the Continents + Economic Blocks of::
Africa: Sub-Saharan East, West, Central, South
Americas: North, Central, South, Caribbean
Asia, Middle East, South East, East
Europe + Eurasia

I’m Globo Drew (Pen Name), Managing and Lifestyle Editor and a Contributing Writer for a Lifestyle Media startup, Globo Life Media; publisher of Romance Travel Magazine (dot Com) and the soon to be launched GloboLife.Net a Lifestyle and Business of Lifestyle publication. Globo Life Media also offers Custom Content Development and Aggregation, as well as Custom Digital and Print Development, Editorial and Publishing.


I have consulted with Brands and Governments on matters of Global Tourism and Trade development. I sometimes participate in conferences and trade shows, as a Journalist, Subject Matter Expert, Presenter.

GLOBAL CAPABILITIES: My coverage and connectivity include nations in The BRICS, MENA, MINT, EU, EEU (European Economic Union), Sub Saharan Africa, South Asia, East Asia, The Pacific/Oceania, The Americas: South, Central, Caribbean, North.

I cover and have a significant focus on and connectivity in the Global Travel & Tourism industry:
Brands: Hospitality, Hotels, Transportation,
Government Tourism Agencies,
Media Organizations
CVBs and Stakeholder Organizations,
Industry Associations and Trade Shows,
Transportation Brands: Airline, Cruise, Rail
Travel Agencies and Tour Operators

I can help to develop and implement the Go To Market Pre New Normal Virtual Experiential Event Strategy and the New Normal Live Experiential Event Strategy.

I am willing to seek brand partnerships for such activities.

I am willing to help monitor and post on social media.

I can deploy my writing skills, if and when needed.