Goran Mikalsen, WinGo, Stockholm, Sweden

I am currently the CEO of WinGo in Sweden, a tourism consultancy company where we also operate our own B2C website and travel agency. My former experience, after almost 30 years in the tourism business, including being responsible for Booking.com in the Nordic countries, leadership roles in TUI Nordic, contracting/purchasing in Primera Travel Group, and TUI, Director of Production in Traxx Travel, Tourism Information Disney World Florida (Epcot).

With my past experience, I can hopefully be helpful in adding value to discussions, come up with creative ideas and I`d be more than willing to participate or lead projects if needed. I have worked a lot with destination development in the past and in a way this current crisis has brought more or less every tourist destination back to the point where we have to start asking ourselves basic questions. Many destinations now have a chance to reinvent themselves with a focus on sustainability and the environment. Many though questions need to be asked and discussed, like “What is the future outlook for the all-inclusive accommodations in destinations where this clearly has a negative impact on the local businesses?”. I am ready for fruitful discussions, though discussions in the hope of creating results that will bring back our beloved tourism industry as soon as possible, and hopefully in better shape than before.


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