Angela Njehia, Tierranjani Africa, Nairobi, Kenya

My name is Angela Njehia and I am the director of  Tierranjani Africa  Ltd., based in Nairobi, Kenya. With over 12 years of experience in tourism operations, I decided in 2019 to continue my work on sustainable tourism in a slightly different way and started working in the field of tourism development. My area of expertise is in product development, business strategies, and marketing.

Working in tourism, I learned quickly that sustainability is not only a buzz word, but it is also what is needed to maintain our land, heritage, culture, and our businesses. I have advocated for responsible and sustainable practices in tour operators, accommodations, destinations, and airlines for a long time and believe in leading by practice. If you do the talk, better do the walk. Over the years, I have also championed various sustainability initiatives across Africa through my work engagements and continue to advocate for sustainability inclusiveness in business models.

I believe this is a time for each one of us to contribute in thought and skill into building better practices through promoting and advocating for responsible tourism. It is a chance to re-write our tourism narratives and designing tourism products that integrate local communities and the environment. It is an opportunity to do things right.

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