Shelly Gibson, Tan Holdings, Barrigada, Guam, USA

Longtime travel professional, experienced and successful large corporate and high-end customers. Cruises, international travel, and aggressive marketing experience.

HR specialists and professional strategists focus on customer satisfaction and retention. Exceptionally competent navigating government issues dealing on US and International levels. Currently involved in technical compliance with Federal US and military business development regulations. Well-traveled, long term, and big-box thinking.


Bring the ‘we’ back to planning to integrate aspects of cultural and historical significance for travelers, step completely into the shoes of the new traveler who wants to learn and explore at their pace and for those markets yet untapped, guide their processes and facilities to success by no longer following the old rule book. though social media is widely available, it is not always widely correct. standardization of processes allows for streamlining purchases, absolute buy-in from on-the-ground vendors to support bulk purchases for hotel rooms, car rentals, amenities, airfare, specialty goods and services, and basically grow a concierge mentality to travel experience. Re-create what the travel experience was and refresh the players.