Séverine Obertelli, Séverine Obertelli Coaching and Consultancy, UK

Managing their time mindfully is a common skill that all enlightened leaders throughout history had. Holding tightly to their own visions, minds such as Steve Jobs and Albert Einstein have been able to revolutionize the world thanks to their innovative thinking. More than ever leaders in the travel and tourism sector who have helped people travel and connect with nature and other cultures, need to learn how to release unconscious and conscious blocks so they can have priceless results. For more info please visit

I have been involved before in advising boards and lobbying boards at the European level for the vacation rental industry.
I am a leadership coach and business consultant who just wrote a book called “Mindful time management” who as an Ebook got best-seller status in the US, Canada, Germany, Australia, and UK in the first few days because of the timings.
Travel and tourism are key not just to open minds but also for the mental health of everyone, to promote diversity and intercultural exchanges and of course great respect to our Mother Earth.