Clara Okoro, My Beautiful Africa, Lagos, Nigeria

lara Chinwe Okoro is Founder and Chief Operating Officer at the Travel Fashion and Lifestyle Company MY BEAUTIFUL AFRICA. A Brand she hopes to use to drive Tourism to Africa through Fashion and Lifestyle experiences will in turn help change the negative narratives about the Continent.

My Beautiful Africa is a Travel Fashion and Lifestyle company dedicated to using technology to drive travel and tourism in Africa with our destination and tour packages. Our vision is to drive the positive side of Africa in culture, heritage, and travel through the deployment of Technology with different cumulative touchpoints across the board. Our business model is designed exclusively for a lifestyle community with an interest in African themed clothing and vacations. Our aspiration is to combine Fashion, Travel & Lifestyle and to be able to use Technology to create a lovely travel experience and package that would interest the savvy traveler to come to the Continent of Africa and experience true African Hospitality. We are also organizers of the Tourism and Technology Summit in Lagos Nigeria a platform that focuses on how technology is enabling travel and tourism in Africa.

She is also Chief Operating Officer of Brandworld Media, a Media and Brand Consultancy Company which solely uses Branding as templates for its operations.
Very committed to developing the core principles of branding within the rich context of everyday life in Africa, she set up the first-ever Brand focused tv show in Nigeria known as BRANDWORLD,a program she says was designed to preach the gospel of branding to Africa in recognizing that Brands were the new wealth creators in any modern economy.
A constant fixture in most Creative content events globally such as the Cannes Lions Advertising Festival,

Festival of Media Montreaux Switzerland, Samsung Africa Week Cape Town SA, New York Fashion week NY,the show has come to represent the platform where brands tell their stories beyond their 60’’ commercials.

A driven individual, a usual attribute of an entrepreneur, Clara left an opportunity to work with the American Oil Company Chevron after graduation to pursue her vision of turning Creative intelligence into a powerhouse of economic advancement with tools at her disposal so she could become a Media Innovator.


She has expanded her business into publishing with the first Youths & Brands connect magazine ICE, which tracks how young people consume brands and trails the emotional journey of how brands connect with the young.

A firm believer in the use of media to transform the landscape of the future for the young people of Africa, her brand was recently selected and featured in the highly influential Global publication series COOLBRANDS>>>Around The World in 80 Brands. Clara who is of Nigerian descent was raised in Lagos, Nigeria and she still lives and works there.

n some capacities as above she can be of value to the rebuilding of the travel industry post-covid-19 crisis in areas of idea generation, project execution, networking, and committee formation.
She can help harness the sector in Nigeria and host Virtual meetings where the underlying industry issues would be discussed and documented. Collaborative efforts on how to deploy innovative ideas to help rebuild the industry through Technology can also be used as an approach through our annual conference Tourism and Technology Summit.