Mamerito Ssenfuma, Responsible Tourism Company, Uganda

I joined the Uganda tourism industry in 2006, doing postcard card business and running a craft shop in CBD.

Over the last years, i have been able to travel sample different region of country from soft adventure to challenging trekking experiences.

I was able to identify a number of challenges and gaps in the travel and hospitality industry, that i believe it became evident that i had a role to play.

Using my knowledge in e-marketing in travel and hospitality, we organised and hosted a series of on-site training in digital marketing, room costing and menu costing, customer care and customer service to support small and medium accommodation & restaurant operators, The training target all hotel departments from Security to house keeping to F&B and Front Desk across the 5 regions of Uganda

It is now 4 years since i with my colleagues started on the journey to support our travel and hospitality industry. It is through the different interactions and engagements we have had with owners, staff and managers, that we identified a number of challenges faced by the hospitality industry in Uganda. No matter what part of the country the business is located, these challenges seemed the same and reflected repeatedly from low pay, lack of motivation, lack of readiness to learn and adapt new skill, fear of technology to lack of management systems in place.

I believe that tourism is everyone job. If the travel and hospitality industry will bounce back and thrive, there are a number of steps operators must undertake today, consistently measuring those that offered positive result and fine tuning them.

Regular on job training of hotel staff to equip them stay up-to date with skills required by the industry has been lacking is many sme’s.


Our commitment remain to keep supporting like in the past years, local accommodation operators, their staff / managers with training and skills development.How do you see your role in #projecthopetravel ?
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Our commitment remain to keep supporting like we have done in the past years, local accommodation operators, their staff / managers with training and skills development.

Through online webinars, we offer training to sme’s in Uganda travel and hospitality industry on steps to successfully use the internet drive to direct traffic, offline marketing channels, product segmentation and market segmentation. All these when are well executed, we believe can help these accommodation operators increase their visibility ONLINE, drive in more business and in the long-run bring in more revenue

On-site visits and training also play a huge role in addressing issues and advising owners and managers on a one-on-one basis.