Enrique Cabanilla, Universidad Central del Ecuador, Ecuador

Ecuadorian teacher-researcher, who has developed processes related to academia, engagement, research, and consulting in several Latin American countries such as Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Nicaragua, Guatemala, among others. I have a Master’s Degree in Tourism Development Management and a Doctorate in Geography from the Universidad Nacional del Sur, Argentina, where I researched the development and characteristics of community tourism in Ecuador. More than 100 publications including articles, books, conferences, and manuals related to various topics in the sector. My research lines are related to the territorial development of tourism, innovation in companies, sustainable tourist destinations, with special emphasis on the development of rural areas. I have been a consultant to national and international organizations for the creation of models and processes for local development through tourism.


I am working on rural development through tourism. Specially focused on communities in poverty situations that are surrounded by a huge heritage of natural and cultural resources.