Anish Neupane, Himalayan Circuit Team PVT Ltd, Nepal

Born and raised in the beautiful city of Bhaktapur, trekking is my passion. I love the treks that take me off the beaten path, allow me to meet the locals, enjoy the local delicacies and get a deeper glimpse into their culture all of which aides me in creating personalized trekking itineraries. At Himalayan Circuit we not only design the logistics of an itinerary, we create your plan with passion, letting you experience not only the beauty of nature but also the beauty of the rich cultures and communities you visit

Adventure and community outreach for Nepal

Nepal is faced with a single-use plastic and waste management crisis. This year alone over 1.5 million foreigners will pass through our borders in order to visit our country. As a small Travelife Certified Tour company, it is our responsibility to educate and implement the methodologies and techniques necessary to reduce the environmental impact of these visitors, while supporting Nepal’s number one profit-producing sector.
In rural areas, plastic waste is either buried or burned. Not only does the unregulated burning of trash, including plastics, release harmful toxins, the non-biodegradable plastic blocks the water and sewage systems further damaging the environment and altering the biosphere.