Mediterranean Tourism Foundation, Malta

In recognition and in furtherance of the envisaged precepts the mission of MTF is to:

a. Promote and encourage tourism to and within the Mediterranean as a catalyst of increased understanding between the states, regions and peoples of the Mediterranean;

b. Promote and encourage tourism to and within the Mediterranean as an incentive for the preservation of the environment and the protection of cultural and historical assets within the Mediterranean;

c. Promote the acceptance by the peoples of the Mediterranean of the ideal that the social and economic benefits of tourism to and within the Mediterranean constitute the common heritage of the peoples of the Mediterranean upon whom is incumbent the obligation to nurture and protect such heritage;

d. Promote tourism as a vehicle to create employment, improved education opportunities and better distribution of wealth, leading to peace and stability in the region; and

e. Increase awareness of the Mediterranean region as a premier tourist multifaceted single destination. In this light, the MTF Secretariat has the mandate to focus efforts on three main areas of operations:

In this light, the MTF Secretariat has the mandate to focus efforts on three main areas of operations:

a. to promote dialogue and the potential of synergies in political and commercial initiatives amongst stakeholders with an interest in Mediterranean tourism. This will be achieved through the organisation of sub-fora mainly addressing themes relating to:

i. Operations (including matters of interest to Hotels, Restaurants, Airlines, Cruise Ports, Airports etc),


ii. Political (including matters of interest to Mediterranean MEPs, Ministers, Mayors),

iii. Culture and Education, and

iv. Energy and the Environment from a Tourism and Hospitality perspective.

Accordingly the annual summit Forum will be held in Malta whereas at least two sub-fora will be held in different Mediterranean countries. Horizontal themes that will be addressed include: employment, migration, security, transport, industry standards, mobility, finance, innovation, marketing, communication, culinary, sport, niche tourism segments, gender equality, ethics, technology, and real estate.

b. to set up in Malta a centre of excellence in the Mediterranean region for tourism and hospitality education and continuous professional training. This set-up includes a network of stakeholders with an interest in the participation of this initiative ; and

c. to act as catalyst in promoting cultural, entertainment and sport events with a view to attract tourism during the shoulder months across the Mediterranean region as one destination.

The MTF aims to work in close collaboration with similar institutions that have an interest in Mediterranean tourism, including the UNWTO, HOTREC, 5+5, Union of the Mediterranean and the EU institutions amongst other. Given that tourism is such a key political and economic sector for countries across the Mediterranean we believe that this project will be successful as it will serve as the forum for stakeholders interested in Mediterranean tourism to get together, share initiatives and promote the region as a destination in itself





ANDREW AGIUS MUSCAT, Secretary-General