Pascal Viroleau: Vanilla Islands, Indian Ocean

CEO of the organization Vanilla Islands Organisation
[email protected]

The ‘Vanilla Islands’ is a marketing concept that was created in 2010. Tourism professionals were aware that the promotion of Reunion, Mauritius, Madagascar, Seychelles, Comoros and Mayotte as a tourist destination could only be achieved through the pooling of resources and expertise.

This not only allowed for the creation of new products (combined destinations and cruises) complementing those already existing but also to meet the expectations of new customers (BRICS).

Visiting several islands on a single trip reduces the environmental impact and helps protect the remarkable but fragile local ecosystems.


Vanilla, a natural product and cooking ingredient that creates great interest among tourists was the common asset used by the Indian Ocean Islands to launch a brand that would help build the notoriety of these destinations and promote them internationally.

Represented by Pascal Viroleau, CEO